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The Ponderosa Cafe Will OPEN

June 2021

Social Distancing must be maintained.

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Sat and Sun 9am - 5pm


We apologise for any inconvenience



The ‘Ponderosa Cafe Complex’ on the 'Horseshoe Pass' near Llangollen.  We have a large Cafe with an extra seating area which has recently been refurbished.

To keep it simple we at the Ponderosa Cafe offer fast friendly service and great value for money.

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Lots to do during your visit
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 * Horseshoe Pass can be snow blocked at times - Pass is 1400ft above sea level.

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Eat Inside or Outside to see the fabulous views.
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High above the Welsh town of Llangollen at the summit of the Horseshoe pass, is our shop within the Ponderosa Cafe and Horseshoe Pass Complex.


It is said that on a clear day you can sometimes see forever.  But when the rain rolls in off the sea some 20 miles to the north, thick clouds shroud the mountainside.


Then the air is heavy with the scents of wet heather, grouse clatter on the upland slopes and disoriented sheep bleat mournfully to each other through the mist.


A strange place indeed to have a shop, but then it is no ordinary shop!

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